Do you suspect your
network is under attack?

We can help verify if an attack occurred, identify the attacker’s path of entry, eliminate the threat, and determine the overall severity of the breach. Precise analysis to understand what data is at risk and how to prevent further intrusions. Our consultants work with our clients and their internal teams to swiftly and efficiently identify, contain, and eradicate threats. We strive to provide answers quickly to limit the amount of time data from victim networks is exposed to attackers; and to help our clients resume normal business operations as expeditiously as possible.

Leverage our experience in regards to data breaches as we provide guidance through the incident.

Our Services

Digital Forensics

Identify the root cause of
an incident


Log Analysis

Verify unauthorized access and determine the vulnerabilities exploited and methods used.


Breach Coaching
and Consulting

Leverage our experiencein regards to data breaches as we provide guidance through the incident.


our Experience

We have responded to data breaches of all shapes and sizes and are experienced at responding to compromises involving cloud-based applications and enterprise applications. Furthermore, we have experience responding to attacks by nation-state actors, insiders, and thieves looking to steal PII, PCI, and PHI data.

Former United States Secret Service and U.S. Department of Homeland Security Cyber experts